Saturday, April 30, 2016

VeganEgg -- A Review

VeganEgg -- A Review

 The prepared VeganEgg, Swirl Butter Oil, The Carton of VeganEgg, the bag of the product in a Ziplock Baggy, my Oxo Frying Pan

So Ive been watching the Food News and Blogs for years and Ive been hearing about how several companies put a buncha money into finding a VEGAN plant based alternative to chicken eggs.
I think even Bill Gates jumped aboard to help fund one particular company.
I even saw Andrew Zimmern eating that eggless egg product on his show.
Well, look that one company fell thru but then shortly thereafter, I read that the company 
"Follow Your Heart" has a heat coagulatable vegan plant based EGG product that can scramble.
So it was sold out all over.
Its made with ALGAE PROTEINS and Indian Black Salt that gives it that Egg Yolk aroma but not much flavor when cooked for 6 minutes.
I finally got some from Amazon and heres the result...

The instructions

The Product

 Swirl Brand Butter Oil (Vegan) In The Oxo Frypan

The Video

Its basically like eating over fried dried out cheesy bechamel. 
Its a bit grainy, hard after a few minutes and gloppy.
And doesnt taste like eggs or feel like eggs in the mouth.

Try it if you wish, but Ill pass.

Maybe it'll be good in French Toast...

Look on Amazon or any Health Food Store