Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Yogurt For Harlots

So Thick, So Rich, All Cream Yogurt
Yogurt For Harlots

4 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup any plain yogurt (including the liquid on top
A Yogurt maker
An instant read or laser thermometer

Put the cream in the plastic pot of the yogurt maker and place in microwave and heat on high, stopping every 20 seconds or so to stir it thoroughly and take its temperature. When it gets to 100 degrees F, Stop., plug in the yogurt maker and put the pot with the cream in it in the maker, add the yogurt and mix thoroughly.
Place the cap on, and set a timer for 8 hours.
After the allotted time, unplug the machine and refrigerate the yogurt.
It will further thicken after a day.

 You can eat it as a luxury snack, You can use it as a topping, You can make Frozen Yogurt out of it
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