Sunday, June 24, 2012

Extinct Cuisine #1 Recreating Discontinued Food Swanson Chicken Salad Seasoning

Pic From Amazon

Although I only got to taste it once, I knew why Swansons Chicken Salad Seasoning Mix was so popular.
It was delicious, all you needed was a can of Swansons Chicken, and Mayo and you could make a yummy
chicken salad.

Then there was an issue at the factory with the way the Autolysed Yeast was made and it went off the market.  People hoarded it for years, like Elaine Benes hoarded Today Sponges.

Ive had it on my Amazon Wish List for years but its obvious it will not return...

So I set out to recreate it myself

1 Heaping T Sugar
1 t Dehydrated Garlic Slices
1 t Dehydrated Onion Slices
1 t MSG
1 t Target Salt & Vinegar Snack Powder
2 Teaspoons SPIKE Veg-It Yeast Salt Free Seasoning (from the Healthfood Store)
Swanson Canned Chicken

Mix up spread on bread and eat....

Spike Veg-It


where do you find the snack powder?

I loved this mix, so glad to see this recipe. Target's online site did not have this seasoning. I got these through that great big site. I bought "nutritional yeast seasoning" and Tru-POP salt and vinegar popcorn seasoning.