Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kitchen Equipment #10 Qwik Cook Grill

All you need is newspaper
Kitchen Equipment #10 Qwik Cook Grill

Several years ago I purchased this BBQ Grill off the TV.
It runs on 9-10 SHEETS OF NEWSPAPER!
I didnt think it would work when I bought it years ago but it did and does!
Its fantastic!

It collapses easily and stores in your trunk or RV

 It comes in 4 easily collapsible pieces, and a cookbooklet

Here it is set up

The box is VERY beat up, so sorry.

Here it is being set up

Choose whether you want your food smokey or not, If not cover one of the grates with foil tightly

 Bunch up 9 to 10 full sheets of newspaper and stuff the grill body

I took it to a nearby park to fire it up.

And here are the hot dogs it makes!

Clean up is easy too, just pour water on it

Here it is on FIYAH!

It is still available on Amazon and eBay and elsewhere on the net