Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cottage Cheese From Fresh Buttermilk

Cottage Cheese

Ingredients you might need

Store Bought Buttermilk
Buttermilk from the Cultured Butter
Heavy cream

Okay so there are 3 different ways to make Cottage Cheese, ONE is by buying the special Cottage Cheese culture and mixing it with warm milk to form a curd, which we arent gonna do here...

The other ways are

Method 1

Mixing warm milk with buttermilk and keeping it warm, much like making yogurt, but for 24 hours, then straining the whey and cooking the curd

Method 2

This is the one we are focusing on today, since we have FRESH BUTTERMIILK leftover from making Cultured Butter out of the Cream Yogurt

And heating up pure Buttermilk till it separates and then simmering the curds to set them. Then cooling and rinsing the curd and then mixing with some salt and cream

Since I had just made Cultured Butter and had a pint of fresh buttermilk AND some STOREBOUGHT Buttermilk I did it with both

I placed the store bought Buttermilk in a plastic bowl and heated it up for 25 minutes on 50% power until it separated, then put it on 100% power for 10 minutes

Then I drained the whey, then soaked it in cold water twice, drained it and then mixed it with salt and cream

I didnt have a whole lot of my freshly made buttermilk but I did the same to it

The finished store bought buttermilk cottage cheese

And the Fresh Buttermilk  Cottage Cheese

They were both delicious