Thursday, April 07, 2016

Foraging #5 Fresh Maple Spinners 2 Ways

Foraging #5 Fresh Maple Spinners

1st Way

When the Maple Spinners are just buds, and havent even formed a seed yet, pick a whole bowl full, Triple wash with Produce Spray, and then pick the stems and other unwanted parts away, leaving just the spinners.

Washed Cleaned Young Maple Spinners
Diced Smoked Ham
Minced Carrot
Minced Onion
Pure Maple Syrup
 Salt and FG Pepper

Melt some butter in a pan, add the ham and onion and fry till crispy, add the carrot and fry 2 mins, add the Spinners and saute till wilted a bit, add a glazing of Maple Syrup.
Salt and Pepper to taste

2nd Way 

When the spinners are matured, yet still green pick them, triple wash in Produce Spray and then shell the seeds, you can eat the tender seeds raw as you go, or you can roast them with butter, fried crumbled sage leaves and maple syrup and perhaps a dash of Chipotle powder.

Caution: Please do not FORAGE and eat anything that you have not verified as edible first by a certified plant expert. I am not responsible for YOUR stupidity.