Monday, April 11, 2016

Grab Bag Of Assorted Stuff

Really? you need it that fast?
Grab Bag Of Assorted Stuff

Seriously, microwave 1 minute its ready!

 Aldi's Brioche selection, Hamburger Buns, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Stash in your purse, put the mini straw thru the lil silver hole (bottom right) and drink!

Dried Lotus Seeds, soak and eat.Or use in recipes.

A huge 400 gram squeezy bottle of Marmite

Chocolate Chili MUSTARD!??? Believe it or not this was tremendously good, and actually mild.

CANDIED HIBISCUS FLOWERS! (Wegmans), Hibiscus flowers are what gives Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Tea, its ZING!

 Sugar Free MARIA WAFERS! No Aspartame.

When I worked a a Seafood Restaurant we used this in EVERYTHING! But my favorite thing was to dip lobster tail in it or make garlic bread. 

Guess what this is? Its CHEX MIX dry seasoning powder in a shaker jar!Its good on CHICKEN as a dry rub, TRY IT.

Some of the best seaweed snack chips out there! So any different flavors and shapes, Healthy and Delicious!