Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Kitchen Equipment Series #1 -- Presto Peel-a-Meal Electric Peeler

New Potatoes Loaded in the hopper of the Presto Peel-a-Meal

I stopped by the Thrift Store yesterday looking for old cookbooks and other items and saw this item in box, and it was stamped that it was TESTED AND WORKS.
I snatched it up faster than a weave on RHONJ!


As you can see above I loaded it with small new potatoes, put the 1-3/4th cup water in it, put the cover on and locked it in place then let her rip!

Here it is working....

It only took 3-5 mins to do THIS

OMG! As God as my witness! I'll never peel potatoes the old way again!

It also does apples & carrots and has a salad spinner attachment AND you can put it in the dishwasher!

Save your fingers and manicure!

Buy yours here