Thursday, August 08, 2013

Thick, Eat It With A Spoon Fruit Smoothies!

My favorite Smoothy EVER!

1 large bag any frozen berries
1  cup vanilla yogurt
1/3 cup Nido (dry whole milk powder sold in Mexican stores) or any non fat dry milk powder
2 Scoops whey powder
I use two handfuls of Truvia natural sweetener but you can use sugar or Splenda etc
Splash milk
Splash Vanilla

Put it all in a Vitamix or Blender and agitate with the food tamper until its completely smooth.
Add just enough fluid milk to keep the machine moving.
Scoop into tall chilled glasses and serve with Bubble Tea Straws and an Ice Tea Spoon

The milk powder makes it creamy and thick and ice cream like without watering it down, like fluid milk.