Monday, August 19, 2013

Popular Restaurant Recreations #1 The Ramen burger

The Ramen Burger

2 packages of the above brand of Ramen (discard the seasonings)
Boiling Water
Sweet Soy Glaze or Thick teriyaki
1 Burger

Pour boiling water to just barely cover the ramen in the bowls, let sit briefly and press down gently to just start to soften them. 
Slowly pour them out into a strainer or colander trying hard to heep their shapes intact. 
After they are completely drained, slowly pour eggbeaters over the entire surface and then wait till the excess has completely dripped away

Create a tin foil ring the same size as the ramen and spray the inside with Pam.
Slowly nudge the ramen into the rings in a hot oiled skillet and fry on both sides, pressing gently till bothe ides are "set". place into a 350 oven to completely cook thru, 10-15 minutes.
remove, clean up the edges with a knife, slice in half like a layer cake.

use the two best looking "halves".

Fry up a beef burger the way you like it, place some lettuce on the bottom of a "bun" then top with the burger, squirt some sauce on top, scatter scallions over it and top with another "bun"