Tuesday, May 10, 2016

American Style Crispy Red Rubies

A Thai Dessert, with American Twists...Add some to your soda or Sparkling Wine

American Style Crispy Red Rubies

2 cups peeled, small diced Jicama
1 cup Tapioca Powder
1 packet red Kool Aid
1/3 cup water

A pot of boiling water
A bowl of ice water

2 cups sugar syrup
2 cups Liquid Splenda Sweetener (such as Torani)

Add the water to the Kool Aid in a bowl. 

Soak the Jicama for about 30 mins stirring to coat occasionally, then strain out excess liquid.

Completely coat the Jicama cubes in tapioca starch turning and turning till they are heavily coated.

With gloved hands shake off excess tapioca and drop into boiling water till they are all in, cover and wait till they start rising to the top

Let boil for 2-3 mins then remove with slotted spoon into the ice water

Then store in the syrup of your choice and do what you want with them, including serving in the traditional coconut milk



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