Sunday, May 06, 2012

My Attempt At Making The Ellusive Crystal Clear Ice Ball.

So, the "in" thing right now in bartending is these giant ice balls or spheres. 

Simple you think? All you need is water and a mold right?

Welllll, not really.

The trick is to make them CRYSTAL CLEAR, with no cloudy ice bubbles in them....

The reason most ice is not clear is due to particulates in the water prior to freezing, The particulates create slivers of air to be created in between the ice crystals and thus you get cloudy bubbles in your ice.
People are actually selling expensive crystal clear ice balls on the net.

For this experiment I used distilled water and I boiled it in the microwave. 
Distilled water has no particulates, so "they" say.
Somehow hot water is also vital in not allowing bubbles to form,

So I filled my ICE BALLS forms with boiled distilled water and put them in the freezer...

Nope! That attempt did not work!
Still cloudy.
But it is pretty...

ll keep you posted on future attempts