Friday, May 11, 2012

Before Juicers!

Watermelon Punch
(Great for kids to kelp make out on the deck then hose them and the deck off, lol) 

1 average sized seedless watermelon
juice of 4-5 lemons
1/2  cup sugar
a big bowl
gallon pitcher or jug
chia seeds (optional)

Cut the watermelon into quarters, then cut the
watermelon meat out of the quarters and into chunks
and place into the big bowl, wash hands and lower
arms well or put on silicone gloves then get to work, with your hands,
squeeze and squish the watermelon between your
fingers till you think you got it all out, then
strain into the jug in small batches, add the
lemon juice and the sugar, chill well ,serve  
If desired sprinkle chia seeds over top of each
glass to simulate the black watermelon seeds enjoy!