Thursday, May 03, 2012

Marmite, Love It Or Hate It! The Tutorial.

This is a jar of the infamous Marmite from the UK.
Marmite is the spent yeast left over from British Beer manufacturing with salt added.
Basically it is liquid Brewers Yeast.
It is high in B-Vitamins. 

People discovered it was yummy on toast, and an instant classic was born...

On to the tutorial....

Marmite currently has an ad campaign called 
"Love It Or Hate It"
Due to Marmites distinct flavor, there are no middle roaders, people do tend to love or hate it.

Tourists that go to the UK and try it tend to think you spread it on thick like nut butters ad end up hating it.
Then they return to the USA and declare Marmite Gross and Disgusting. Never realizing that First Timers are only supposed to lightly dot buttered toast with it and spread it about a bit.

Like this...

Then when you have grown to become addicted, as I have, you can spread it on thick like this....

I love Marmite on buttered toast with a slice of cheddar under the broiler. Or a teaspoon on hot buttered Egg Noodles....

Some Brits drink Marmite in a mug of hot water, with or without milk.

The flavor of Marmite is that of a Beef Boullion Cube.

If you have said you hate Marmite yet LOVE dry beef gravy mix or Hamburger Helper, the joke is on YOU, turn over the box and you will see Autolyzed Yeast Extract AKA Marmite.

My friend Fishnutz has discovered a simply LOVELY way of enjoying Marmite, on top of buttered McVities British Digestive Biscuits (the UK version of Graham Crackers) with Cheddar, the sweetness of the Digestive marries well with the salty beefy flavor of the Marmite.

The Marmite Cheddar Toast and the Digestive/Marmite Snack...

The makers of Marmite are adding Marmite to everything now, Rice Cakes Savory Cereal bars, Chocolates, Potato Chips, Cheese Bites...

Try Marmite today...

I Love It!



Ever tried Vegemite? I always travel with a tube, because when I'm sick there is nothing I like better than Vegemite on saltines. 

I love marmite. I'm from the uk and my friend just bought me massive tub over from Costco in England. The best is smeared under cheese on toast. Haven't tried the rice cakes. You should also try twiglets the are a baked wheat snack covered in marmite. I hated marmite as a kid though and when I was naughty my dad would threaten me with a teaspoon of marmite!