Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Assorted Food Post

Simple things like a Kiwi, Dragonfruit & Watermelon Salad dressed in lime juice and honey can be made to look impressive with a unique presentation....

So I went to the Asian Market (Assi Plaza) yesterday to get canned tuna and decided to pick up some Aburage (fried tofu pouches slices) boiled octopus tentacles, scallions and a few other things. I was craving Octopus Scallion Karashi Sumisoae from YouTubes "CookingWithDog" Japanese cooking series...

Its basically sliced Octopus, crispy dry toasted tofu pouch slices, lightly cooked scallions and a yummy, miso, Japanese mustard, sugar and vinegar dressing.

Here is my completed dish (I hope "Chef & Frances) will be proud of me

This morning I went to Aux Petits Delices to try their macarons while I was in that area for a new keyboard. 

I bought these chocolate mousse pyramid cakes and the macarons

I must say that these macaroons werent stuffed with any kind of filling, and although the texture and flavor was great, the lack of filling left me feeling sad.
The Pyramid was just chocolate filled with mousse, it was yummy.