Thursday, May 10, 2012

ALDI, My Favorite Things.

For years I would see Aldi and shrug...
I went in a few times mistakenly thinking it was a Scratch and Dent -- I love S&Ds, and upon not finding any of my favorite name brands, walked right out..

But one day I went in and started looking around, and after hearing a few buzzes, I started buying things here and there...and, now I love ALDI.

Aldi is a German company (same company as Trader Joes) who sells QUALITY food under a kinda sorta no name brand.They sell only the most popular items people buy when they go to any Grocery Store. They have no frills, no baggers, no cart retrievers (you have to rent a cart for 25 cents, you get the quarter back) and you can buy bags.  So they can have ridiculously low costs.

These are some of my favorite things about Aldi

The EXCELLENT Moser-Roth dark chocolates!
In fact all ALDIs chocolate selection is spot on (pistachio truffles?)

Their snack cake selection is cheaper and tastes better than some of the original brand names.

Real Maple Syrup for $3.99

 Bagged salad for 49 CENTS A DAMN BAG!!!!!!!!

Their great and fresh selection of fresh produce

$1.19 bottled "Frapuccino" equivalent (with seasonal holiday flavors)

Some of the BEST (and CHEAP) Deli Salads ever

Their chicken salad is THE 100% BEST EVER! (they add cranberries in the fall and winter)

Cheap and fresh meats

Cheap shrimp and seafood

Chickens 85 cents a pound, turkeys 1.09 a pound

They have wonderful frozen veggies, housewares, toiletries, skin care products, plants and garden items and pet products.


So go try ALDI today...
So try