Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Creamy Corn Milk Latte (And Corn Milk)

Corn Milk on left, Corn Milk Latte on Right

Creamy Harvest Corn Latte

Cold Brew Coffee

2 ears Fresh Corn
1/2 can Condensed milk
1 can Niblets
Condensed Milk
4 cups boiling water

Remove the corn off the ears of corn.
Place in a Vitamix with the whole can of Niblets corn and the water.
Put a towel over top the closed Vitamx and blend on HIGH for 2 mins.
Pour into a strainer over a bowl and strain out all of the lumps.
Sweeten with half a can of condensed milk. Serve as is or use to lighten up a hot up of coffee..

You can add Coconut Cream (for Beverages) in place of the Condensed Milk for a vegan version


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