Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Off Label" Uses For OXO Good Grips Products

The first time I saw an OXO Good Grips kitchen tool I was in love! They just felt better and looked more professional than any other kitchen tool out there. I probably own over 300 of their houseware tools (including the desk sets from Staples and some from Japan) I have found many "off label"uses for my Oxo Good Grips tools, here are a few...

 "Off Label" Uses For OXO Good Grips Products

Sausage "Evener"
You can use the OXO Meat Pounder to weigh down sausages etc to keep them from curling up and thus evenly cooking in the pan

Marrow Spoons
You can use the beautiful OXO Seafood Picks to elegantly serve Marrow Bones

Pizza Peel
You can use the OXO Splatter Screen as a Pizza Peel to get your pizza out of the oven without spilling it.