Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Make An Authentic Cheesesteak

How To Make An Authentic Cheesesteak

1) Get the right rolls. Amoroso or Conshy rolls only! You can buy Amoroso rolls at many areas across the country. Just call Amoroso and ask where they distribute their rolls near you (Conshy Rolls are local to Philly only) And dont cut it all the way thru.
2) Choose your Cheese. Lay the sliced cheese in the roll first.
Pick one
Warm Melted Cheez Wiz  
NEVER Swiss or Bleu Cheese! GROSS!

3) Slice a few Onions up. Not too thin not too thick. And fry em in a little oil till they get a little brown, push them off to the side and....
4) Get the right meat...Buy shaved Ribeye from your butcher. You can use these in a pinch
Fry it in the pan where you fried the onions and chop it up a bit with the spatula.
Then put the nice and seared meat and onions over the cheese in the roll...

 5) The only condiments for an authentic Cheesesteak are:
Ketchup (We eat our Cheesesteaks with KETCHUP HERE!)
Pizza Sauce (called a Pizza Steak)

Skip mushrooms or fried peppers! Those are for tourists!

And dont call it a Philly Cheesesteak
A Philly Steak and Cheese.