Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Experimental Cuisine #1 So I Made the Pork Rind cake....

So years ago I saw this wild recipe for a very low carb cake for Low Carbers made out of Pork Rinds.
I never made it,because I thought it was a joke, but it is NOT...

I made it today...

I used 2 and a half bags of pork rinds in my Vitamix.
I also used Splenda, but it would be better I think with Truvia or Erythnritol or Xylitol(aka Birch Sugar)

Here are a few pics

So? How did it taste?
It tasted like CAKE, like a rich moist cake.
As I said above, the Splenda was wrong for this IMO.
It gave it a "Diet Cake" flavor.

This would please brittle diabetics beyond belief!

Its even got a "crumb" to it!
It doesnt taste PORKY at all!
Ill bet it would be great with COCOA...

It kinda tastes like French Toast!

If you wanna make it click here and pick a recipe



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