Tuesday, June 05, 2012

"Kracie" Japanese DIY Confection Kits

These 6 cupcakes are about 1 inch tall.
They were created from a Japanese Kit called Popin Cookin.

I cannot recall where I found out about these things but since I found out about them Im now hooked, I have bought all of them as they come out.

They are from the Japanese company Kracie, and are called Popin Cookin or Happy Kitchen

So what are they?
DIY Kits!
Do It Yourself mini edible snack kits...

They are these little kits with everything included except water, that you mix and stir and pour into little molds and sometimes microwave and then you put together.
Mini packets of batter and frosting and jelly and gummi etc...

Some kits are sweet, like these little donuts, soft cookies and DIY Gummi Characters

Others are Savory like these Cheeseburgers and Ramen Noodle Kits

That Ramen tastes like Ramen, the Cola in the Cheeseburger Kit fizzes and tastes like cola!!!!!!!!
The little fries are potato and the ketchup tasted like friggin ketchup!

Too cool!

Since the instructions are in Japanese you need to follow the directions on RRCherry's YouTube Account

 Here is RRCherry's video for Popin Cookin Bento Kit

Where do you get em?
Follow the links below

Amazon Popin Cookin
eBay Popin Cookin
RRCherrys DIY's