Friday, June 08, 2012

Unique Beverages You Should Know About #2

Jamaican Irish Moss Drink

Made of Irish Moss Seaweed. Similar in taste and texture to Mexican Horchata, but with a nutmeg flavor, this beverage is said to increase a mans sexual prowess..

 Taro flavored Soy Milk
Sweet rich and like coconutty vanilla-y

Named after the Illegal street beverage "Purple Drank"...but containing no illegal ingredients, this is the opposite of all energy drinks on the market. It relaxes you instead.

Sanbitters from Italy and UKON Energy from Japan

Sanbitters is like Campari in non alcoholic soda form, DELICIOUS if you love bitters and I do.

UKON's main ingredient is TURMERIC. The Japanese believe it gives you energy without caffeine.
Its flavor is like a better tasting RedBull

Check your local Asian market for the Taro Soy Milk