Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pizza Waffles With My Version Of Papa Johns Secret Garlic Sauce

Pizza Waffles

1 package Wewalka Pizza Dough
Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Sauce
Mini Pepperoni
Red Pepper Flakes

Keep the waffle iron OFF.

Cut the pizza dough to fit the bottom plate.
Spread pizza sauce over it
Add Cheese, Pepperoni, And Red Pepper Flakes

Stretch the remaining dough to cover.
Close the iron and turn on.
Bake until the top crust is golden and the insides are melty and hot.

Serve with this dipping sauce if desired

Papa Johns Secret Garlic Sauce

1 cup of Whirl
3 Crushed Roasted Garlic Cloves (COLD)
1 t garlic powder

Mix together in a jar and let sit for a few days to develop.
Shake, Remove Garlic and serve with Pizza