Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Unctuous Pigs Feet Pho

Pho King Good!

Unctuous Pigs Feet Pho

I once made Pho, I used a recipe from a YouTuber who was Vietnamese and who said her family used to own a Pho restaurant. I had heard that Pho was fantastic and so rich and flavorful. The broth was quite bland and the entire experience was disappointing.
The broth was like watery iced tea.
Once while talking to a Vietnamese acquaintance and I told her about my experience and she told me she uses pork and pigs feet to make Pho. That got me to thinking about what my Pho was lacking, Unctuousness.
So I added the pigs feet for extra collagen and it is PERFECT!

 How To Make:
2 cut pigs feet
7-8 pounds beef bones
2 T salt
Water to cover

Bring the above to a boil in a big pot for 10 minutes. Then dump out the water, clean the pot and rinse off the bones and place back into the pot and add

More water
2 T salt '
2 roasts of your favorite cut of beef
1 box of beef broth.

Let simmer 6-8 hours
Remove the spent bones and the beef.
Discard the bones and let the beef cool and then slice.

Keep the broth in the big pot.

Place a halved onion and a 4 inch piece of Ginger sliced into 4 slices under the broiler and let roast until  golden, Remove and add to the broth, Add 3 packs of Pho Hua seasoning, 4 cinnamon sticks and 6 star anises and an entire bunch of scallions.and a few chunks of Rock Sugar or a few soup spoons of regular sugar
Let cook for an hour.
 Remove the aromatics and discard. and run thru a cheesecloth, Carefully skim off the fat, or refrigerate to make this easier.

Cook a package of Pho noodles (or to make it lowcarb, Tofu Shirataki noodles)
Place in bowls and ladle hot broth over them and top with the
Sliced beef
Chopped scallions
 Sliced onion
Thai basil
Lime Wedges
Sliced chilis
And Generous squirts of Sriracha and Hoisin
 You can also add other Pho meat, like meatballs, tripe etc