Friday, December 25, 2015

No Icing Deco Cake

No Icing Deco Cake

1 box any white cake mix or your favorite white cake recipe
Food Color
Parchment Paper
Printed Image That Fits your choice of pan (reverse it if necessary)

1) Start with your cake pan

 2) Lay your picture on the bottom

 3) Cover with Parchment paper to fit

 4)  Color sufficient cake batter to color in your picture, and put it in pastry bags.

 5) Lay down the black lines first, then carefully color in and spread the large areas very carefully.

 6) Bake a few minutes till the shininess just goes away

 7) Cover with the rest of the batter and bake as directed

 8) Take out, cool, run a knife along the edges and invert onto a plate and peel off the parchment


Note: White cake only contains egg whites, not whole eggs. Any recipe that contains whole eggs is not White Cake its Plain Cake