Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yum Tua Phuu (At long last Thai Winged Bean Salad)

Yum Tua Phuu is a Thai salad made with a tropical vegetable called the WINGED BEAN. I have been obsessed with making this salad for a YEAR. I have tried to beg bribe and steal (not really but...) some Winged Beans from someone in the USA for a year now...Was it worth it?


 It was amongst one of the best things I have ever eaten!

I tried growing the Winged beans, but the flowers dropped of without fruiting!

I was desperate for winged beans.

Finally Sunseng Supermarket in Pennsauken NJ had them!

Yum Tua Phuu

It is sweet, sour, crunchy, chewy, salty, spicy and mild all in one!

Here are the WINGED BEANS

The finished salad

How do YOU make it?

Find some Winged Beans and

Watch JOY BUASI'S video

The ingredients:

Winged Beans
Ground pork
Fried Shallots
Fish Sauce
Lime Juice
Fried Chilis
Chopped Fresh Thai Chilis
Coconut Milk
Nam prik pao Paste

Make some today! 
it is so good, Joy calls it 
"Husband Love You More Salad'