Monday, November 09, 2015

Plagiarism, Creativity & Hard Work

Plagiarism, Creativity & Hard Work

.I subscribe to a lot of YouTube cooking channels.
About a year ago, one Indian "Chef" made a fabulous recipe for easy 2 ingredient, no churn ice cream.
Since then, Ive seen numerous other YouTube "Chefs" use HER recipe as their own as if they invented it and did the hard work, never crediting HER...
I've seen another YouTube "Chef" (who gets paid by YouTube ads, BTW)  use cookbooks, and cooking magazines FOR ALL HER VIDEOS!
This seems wrong to me.
I spend a lot of time, and go out of my way to think up, create, cook and shoot the pics for this site to put up all original content  and I make no money from it (my single ad has yielded me about $5.00).
I do it for the love of cooking and creativity. I do it cause I grew up surrounded by the food biz all my life...
 Look, I know in the world of food and cooking, its really hard to create all original content. For instance, when you create a cake you do need a basic jump off recipe as a reference from which to build. But what is wrong is stealing an entire recipe and using it as your own and not giving credit to the original person who created it...
Its even more insidious when you actually make money off your YouTube channel and yet all of your content comes from cookbooks and magazines, thats blatant THEFT....
If Im enthusiastic about a recipe I saw elsewhere I will NEVER just steal the recipe and post it here and call it my own. I will make it, shoot it and then give you a link to the original recipe..
There are a few of my recipes that I had in my DRAFTS folder from my old website that I actually threw out cause back when I created them, they were unique and new, but now in the 2010's they are over done and would not be unique anymore.
This past week I saw something I was so pissed off at! It was a recipe I had seen but not invented myself! I easily could have stolen that recipe and posted it here and no one would know.

.................but I would know.

Recently I posted a recipe for Roasted Winter Veggies, there are a million recipes for such on the internet, so I made it unique with the variety of veggies, the cookie cutters and the glaze..

This is how you make things YOURS!

Hard work is driving around to 6 different stores to buy the different veggies and finding the perfect sized cookie cutters and the hour it took me to
wash, cut and then cut out the shapes with the cookie cutters, for that recipe.
And thats why crediting original content is necessary on the internet.

Because hard work for creativity should be given credit where credit is due, so dont steal.


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