Sunday, November 01, 2015

Kitchen Equipment #3 Presto Salad Shooter Pro

Kitchen Equipment #3 Presto Salad Shooter Pro

A few people I know were amazed when I told them I had a Presto Salad Shooter. They thought it was "Some Tv Infomercial Piece of Crap"!
I've had my regular one for 20 + years and its still going strong!
However when I found out there was a Professional (Larger) version, I bought it.
The reason I love the Salad Shooter is because I HATE GRATING CHEESE AND VEGGIES MANUALLY!
 All you do is load a block of cheese into the hopper and turn it on and YAY, fresh quick non arm breaking shredded cheese!

Here I demonstrate how easy it is to use.
I tried repeatedly to make an informative video for this but it just sucked so Im posting the actual commercial video here instead

It shreds
It slices
It wave slices
It does it all directly into your bowl.

Buy yours on Amazon or here (get the extra cones)