Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spreadable Cookies!

So about 3 months ago I was at Trader Joes and while I was checking out I saw this at the check out
What in the fuck is SPECULOOS!?
I bought it and brought it home to investigate.
The bar itself was non descript and frankly tasteless, BUT after Googling I discovered that SPECULOOS was basically SPREADABLE COOKIES!
Namely spreadable Biscoff cookies that are a delightful European Gingerbread cookie.
AN if that wasnt enough, I found out that you can buy Speculoos in a JAR for spreading on toast or dipping bananas in!!!!!!!!



I am IN LOVE with this stuff!
SO decadent!
You cannot put the jar down!


Being the Food Whore I am (shamelessly so) I then set out to create other cookie spreads!

I immediately thought of OREOS!
How yummy would SPREADABLE OREOS BE?

So armed with my Vitamix, Nabisco Chocolate Wafers, Confectioners Sugar and Spectrum Brand
Organic Shortening I got to work.

I pulverized the wafers in the Vitamix, sifted them, and then added 1 cup of confectioners sugar and enough Spectrum Shortening to make a DECADENT spreadable OREO cookie!

I then went crazy and made 3 others, Strawberry Shortbread Cookie Spread, Lemon Dare Cookie Spread, and Oatmeal Cookie Spread...

Here they are

If you wanna make them yourself, I have some tips

1) Pulverize the cookies in handfuls.
2) Use the Spectrum brand shortening NOT CRISCO
3) if using sandwich cookies scrape the creme out and only pulverize the cookie, you can re-incorporate the creme later.
4) Only use dry hard cookies, not chewy style or jam filled.
5) If you want fruit flavored cookie spread pulverize cookies first then pulverize freeze dried fruit then add .
6) Only use confectioners sugar, or you wont get a smooth spread.
7) Add Protein powder to make this more nutritional.
8) Less is more with the shortening, you an add but you cant take away.
9) This is not a DIET recipe!

Also good on cupcakes!

Have FUN!