Sunday, April 29, 2012

The World Famous Preesi Burger

The World Famous Preesi Burger
(no, these aren't for dieters)

Before you even start, do the following:

Buy a jar of hamburger dill chip it thru a food processor on pulse until you make the consistency of relish. Put back in jar. You can omit this step if your store has non-sweet relish.

Pickle the onions, put 1/3 a vidalia onion, diced in a small bowl, cover with white vinegar and a teaspoon of salt, in 5 minutes slightly mash with fork, to let the brine in.

Cut the tops off the tomatoes, scoop out seeds, slice thin, take four paper towels and place them between them to soak up excess juice. set aside.

Now to make the whole thing, you'll need:
Sufficient Ground beef or pre-made patties
Hearty-type kaiser style buns (NO soft Wonderbread type)
Romaine lettuce (use only the top portion)
French's mustard
Heinz ketchup
Hellman's mayo
Velveeta slices
Salt and Fresh Ground epper
The 3 above condiments you prepared
Non-crispily cooked bacon (optional)

Make up patties from the ground beef if using, don't make em thick, use a patty press!
Put some oil in a pan on high heat, let warm up, add the patties, fry till seared on first side, turn, lower heat to med. now prepare the rest of the stuff while they fry.

Put the amount of buns you will be using on a platter or tray,
Generously, 'butter' them with mayo, both sides. on each of the bottoms put:
1 tablespoon, mustard, ketchup, relish. "stir"! Sprinkle with the pickled onions, top with a tomato slice, put a
lettuce leaf on the top portion of the bun, if using bacon, put it on the lettuce.
Fry the burgers to YOUR desired doneness.
Turn off the heat, place a slice of cheese on top, let melt a lil, put
a burger on each bun. serve WITH TONS OF PAPER TOWELS. I put mine on
it's side and go at it that way, otherwise your clothes are stained.

Notes: the pickling process, takes the rawness out of the onions and they wont repeat on you.
The reason I make the relish that way instead of using pickles? Did ya ever take a bite and the whole damn pickle comes out? This way you  get pickles thru and thru.
The reason for the tomatoes and towels? no watery juice to water down the ingredients.