Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Salad Ideas

Cool Salad Ideas

I wrote these all in 1998, most have become commonplace at salad bars nationwide, but I just wanted to post them this AM for a giggle....

1) Buy a boxed hard taco meal and fixins, crush the shells,
prepare the meat, chop a few tomatoes, shred a head of romaine
lettuce. put the meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, shells in a
large bowl mix some hot taco sauce with some vinegar and pour
over salad. toss, eat.

2) Any bottled sauce can be converted into a salad dressing,
just thin out with a little oil and vinegar, and depending on
the fat content of the sauce you may want to adjust how much
oil you use.

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3) For a bright very lo-cal salad dressing whisk up, V-8, lemon
or lime juice,crushed garlic, salt, FG pepper and a little bit of
honey or to thicken it up a bit a little bit of tomato paste.
chill and use

4) Instead of croutons, why not nuts? or crisply fried oriental
noodles, or store bought potato skins baked til crispy and cut into strips!

5) Instead of putting hard super crunchy veggies, i.e. carrots,
celery.,into your salads, blanch them in some water to relieve
some of the harsh hardness of the veggies. my uncles restaurant does this.

6) Any crisp fried food will pair up perfect in a salad, how
about a country garden salad w/ranch dressing with Vidalia
onion rings? or a Mexican salad w/sliced jalapeno poppers?
an oriental type sesame salad with slices of chicken fingers,
or an Italian salad with fried calamari rings?

7) Remove the seeds from tomatoes and pat dry all your veggies
before using in your salads. it stops your salad dressing from being diluted
and tasting watered down.

8) Also, use a salad spinner to wash and dry your greens, to
prevent the same thing. also, for a way to reduce your calorie and fat
consumption from creamy dressings put your salad ingredients in the spinner,
dress them, toss thoroughly and spin lightly!

9) When using salt on your salads, oil or dress first, toss, then salt.
the salt wont be directly in contact with the veggies and thus
wont pull out moisture and water your creation down. remember
the same when making sandwiches.

10) Always consider trying a hot salad. these do best with less
acid and lettuce, more chunks and creamy dressings.

11) To make a fat reduced version of ranch dressing that actually tastes
fullfat, make up the packet with fatfree sour cream instead of the lite
mayo. Lite mayo is too sweet. use regular milk though.