Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Sandwich Ideas

Cool Sandwich Ideas

I wrote these all in 1998, most have become commonplace at restaurants nationwide, but I just wanted to post them this AM for a giggle....

1) Prepare a nice simple salad (lettuce,diced tomatoes,paperthin
onion rings) dress it lightly with your favorite dressing and
stuff your sandwiches with it!

2) One of the best parts of summer is fresh veggies! One of the
simplest brightest flavors is a warm, buttery, Veggie Du Jour sandwich!
steam up some fresh veggies of your choice (I love broccoli) stuff a
roll with some and pour on some butter or cheese sauce and eat!

3) Stuff your sandwiches with mesclun or any other assorted salad
greens! Iceberg is soooooo boring!

4) Any pickled product can be used to perk up a sandwich! Drain some
chow-chow up and stuff your sandwich! Try and coordinate the stuffing
with the meat, i.e. cold leftover chicken tandoori with spicy lime chutney.

5) Scandinavians love open face cold sandwiches. they are sometimes
served with fork and knife, try one, spread a thin slice of
pumpernickle with butter, layer with a little smoked salmon or
turkey, add some sliced radish, and some chopped egg!

6) Add a splash of flavor to any sandwich by using a dash of gourmet
vinegar. Try balsamic or raspberry or chili lime specialty flavor, or a
squeeze of lemon or any citrus juice! How about ham with mesclun
greens dressed with orange juice vinagrette?

7) Anything can be used in lieu of the bread portion of your
sandwich. roll up cold cuts in lettuce leaves, stuff hollowed out
roasted eggplant with your ingredients,large potato skins can be
stuffed! two portobello mushrooms! The key is coordination!

8) Always use a salad spinner for your salad greens. make sure
all your veggies (pickles excluded) are dry. Pat tomatoes dry
with paper toweling, and remove seeds from them. Any added moisture
waters down the harmony of the sandwich and makes it bland!

9) Do not lay meats flat on the bread. crimp them up in the
sandwich like the commercials you see on tv. it makes the
sandwich tastier, and easier to eat.

10) Add some interest to a dull sandwich by adding, tato
chips, fried onion rings, or anything. do a dagwood !