Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lavender Apple Sauce

Several years ago there was this Gossip columnist named Rona Barrett. At the last stage of her career she started going into charity work and thru her love of Lavender she started a business selling Lavender scented and flavored products...
One of these products was Lavender flavored apple sauce.
I never got to taste hers, but I have made Lavender flavored apple sauce myself and its a favorite of mine.
All you need to do is peel, core nd chop a few apples, simmer them in water until soft, drain, smash (I like to leave a few chunks for texture) add sugar and powdered dried Lavender flowers to taste....
Very Simple!

If you want yours to be a pretty lavender hue, perhaps for a luncheon buffet, add a few drops of natural purple food coloring (query Amazon)

Its such a welcome change from Cinnamon...
Try it!

If you get to like Lavender as a flavoring, try it in Lavender DRY SODA

PS, only buy Food Grade Lavender as other lavenders can have chemicals and pesticides that can make you sick