Sunday, June 19, 2016

Non Food Yummies #1 Fun Perfumes

Non Food Yummies #1 Fun Perfumes

Back in the 1980s, Jovan put out these perfumes that had PHEROMONES in them.The Pheromones supposedly were capable of attracting the opposite sex to you. In all actuality, what Pheromones actually do are make YOU feel more attractive and give YOU a boost of self confidence.
So what you see above is Jovan's Andron for women and Jovan's Pheromone enhanced Musk for men (I do have the Andron for men somewhere, but cant find it.)
They now are hot eBay items, going for upwards of $400

Demeter fragrances
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Demeter is sold at a few stores but to see the full array of unique and yummy scents, go to
I LOVE the Chocolate Chip Cookie scent and of course Riding Crop smells like old leather. 
I still wanna buy the sushi and lobster scents, but with my Oxo Good Grips obsession, who knows when that will be. 

Lanvin, "A Veil Of My Sin"
Is sold on eBay and is fun to just have on your make up table