Sunday, March 27, 2016

Experimental Cuisine #5 Ludens Galaxy Candy Apples

Click on the pic to see the cool sparkly effect
Ludens Galaxy Candy Apples

Ludens Cough Drops have NO MEDICINE IN THEM!
Ludens cough drops are actually just candy!
"Pectin" is a thickener used in Jams and Jellies!

180-200 unwrapped Ludens Cough Drops
Assorted food grade glitter
Washed And dried Apples
Thin pretzel sticks
Gummi Tape Leaves
Small Fry Pan

Years ago I created "Galaxy Syrups"
and one day I was having a Ludens Wild Cherry cough drop and thought....
"Hhhhm,, Ill bet if I melted these down I could coat apples with them!
Then I was cleaning out my nail polish and saw a sparkly red color and thought
"HHHHHMM, that'd  look fabulous on an apple, like a Snow White Poisoned Apple!"

So I bought, and unwrapped 180 Wild Cherry Ludens and 200 Green Apple Ludens and ran them thru my Vitamix.


Set the Vitamix to Variable and put it on the number 1.
Pour the unwrapped Ludens in, Cover.
Turn it on and then slowly turn the dial up to 10 and process till its a powder, about 1-1/2 minutes.
Pour the powder into a container.

This is a recipe where you must work quickly. Ludens are already a hard candy and no sooner do you melt them then they wanna reharden...

How To:
Stick 2 apples with a chopstick.
Place a sheet of Non Stick Foil on the counter top near the stove.
Pour 1 cup of the Ludens powder in the fry pan over medium heat and let melt, Add the glitter to your liking.
Quickly dip and coat the apples and set onto the non stick foil.
When still warm, replace the chopsticks with the pretzels and gummi tape leaves