Friday, March 18, 2016

Kitchen Equipment #8 Manhattan Compact Bar Organizer

A compact cube of everything you need to bartend in a small space

Yet another neat-o thing I found in my Garage clean out.

The "cube" measures 5x5x5x7-1/2 inches, and its on a swivel base.
All of these items above fit neatly inside the cube.
There is everything to bartend in a small space.
There is:
8 Stir Sticks
Twist top and bottle cap remover
Cocktail Strainer
Cork Srainer
8 Coasters
Modular Corkscrew
Double sided jigger
Wine Server
Airtight Liquor Bottle Sealer
Ice Tongs

Made by MSC USA andd Crayon Design and Communication Inc.

Originally $39.99

Seems I have an eye for esoteric rare items. Check estate saltes, eBay etc for this if you want it.