Friday, March 18, 2016

Kitchen Equipment #7 Lancer Car Kitchen

The entire unit, showing coffee maker and duo sandwich hot plates

Kitchen Equipment #7 Lancer Car Kitchen

Showing the upper hot plate

YEARS AGO, when I was 16 I saw this at a car store and wanted it. I was denied. Then, when I was 18, I spotted this a few years later at the Trading Post thrift store and bought it for $5.00.
It makes Coffee and beverages and soups in the coffee maker side and on the other side it warms or cooks sandwiches and other things.
It works with your cigarette lighter.and clips onto a window groove.
And It still works despite 30 yrs of unuse and 15 yrs in the garage.

Ive looked all over the net and can find ZILCH about it

Its made by Lancer. It used to be in the JC Whitney catalogue.

Good Luck Lookin'