Friday, March 22, 2013

My Dog Food Recipe

A few years ago I had overspent one year and had to drastically cut down on expenses to save my finances.
I cut a lot of things out, but I was still overspending on canned dog food...
My dogs were picky and I had started feeding them Merrick Canned Dog Food mixed with their regular Royal Canin Dry...
Merrick is $2.69-$3.00 a can.
That was around a hundred bucks a Month on canned (wet) food.

So I went to the internet to find out how to make my own dog food.

This is my recipe

4 Frozen Ground Turkey Rolls from ALDI
1 package frozen California mixed veggies from ALDI
1 Tablespoon garlic powder

Put the frozen or thawed turkey in a large stock pot, cover with water and garlic and let boil away on the stove until you can break up the rolls with a wire potato masher.
Let it boil away and occasionally come back and break the pieces up more.
Once they are sufficiently cooked and broken up and the water has reduced to 1/2 inch above the turkey, add the veggies and stir. Boil 10 mins more and put in a tupperware container and or place individual 1 cup servings in ziploc bags into the freezer and use as needed.
This should make 9-10-11 servings. 

The turkey costs $1.69 a roll
Veggies are $2.00

Divided by 10
=87¢ a day...

You can vary this recipe and add sweet potato, spinach, ground beef, rice etc...