Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Hundred And Twenty

Just a few of the Two Hundred And Twenty

Two Hundred And Twenty...

Thats the current tally amount of Cookbooks I own...

And Im not done buying, I have 29 more on my Amazon wishlist!

On my shelves, I have

ALL the Culinaria Series
The much sought after Red Purefoy Hotel Cookbook
The Chicago Bulls Cookbook w/ Michael Jordans Mac & Cheese recipe
Boy Georges Macrobiotic cookbook
Ben Franklins cookbook (Parmesan in his cheesecake)
The UNCHEESE cookbok
The Entire Time-Life Good Cook series
The fantabulous Marlboro Cigarettes cookbook series
Top Secret Recipes series
The Clinton White House Cookbook and Tour
Manifold Destiny cooking on your car engine

 And Ive hardly used them for cooking...

Why do I have them then?


Occasionally I have bought a cookbook on Amazon and when it came it had no pictures.
What is the point of a cookbook without pictures?

We eat with all senses as well as emotion and humor, thats why a nice steaming bowl of mac and cheese with a spoon oozing with dripping cheese above it entices us.
And cute Reindeer cookies with broken pretzels as antlers make us smile.

Thats why I buy lots of cookbooks.

To inspire me to make new interesting dishes...

And thats why I make interesting dishes for YOU

You might not make anything here, and thats okay. As long as I inspired you to make something new or look at ingredients in a whole new way (like my green bean Guacamole)

Be Inspired!


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