Saturday, September 15, 2012

Buying Tuna

The US FDA made a law years ago that stated that Tuna Canners were legally allowed to catch and can up to 20 different species of fish and call it Tuna.
I used to ONLY eat Star-Kist Gourmets Choice Solid Light Tuna.
It cost $2.50 a can at some stores but it was FABULOUS!
An entire perfect pink tuna steak in a can, with that rich tuna flavor I love.
Then about 3 years ago I noticed all the Star-Kist Gourmets Choice Solid Light Tuna I as buying tasted ammonianated. It was gross. Can after can after can after can...YUK

I was gonna lose it!

A simple bag salad with a can of tuna and some vinaigrette is my go to meal at least 4 times a week.

I WAS FRANTIC, and even more so when I found many others complaining about the same issue of weird tuna.

So I tried different stores in different cities, thinking maybe I got a bad batch.

Everything I tried it was the same weird tuna.

So I was at the Asian Market and saw yellow cans of Dong Wan brand Standard Light tuna.
I bought one...

OMG. It tasted like the tuna I had as a child!


Look! Look how perfect that tuna is inside that can!
The delicate whorl of the grain, how pink the Standard Light is.

Can after can, PERFECT TUNA!

Compare to a can of regular tuna

What about Albacore you say?
Albacore is not from the same fish as Standard Light Tuna.
Its not like a chicken that has light and dark meat.
 I dont like Albacore, so this post is just about regular tuna..

If you wanna experience Dong Wan
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