Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aussie Birthday Cake

Australia is the ONLY place that eats Musk flavoring in food. They have these soft pink candy sticks flavored with floral tasting musk. I love them. They make these style cakes for childrens birthdays and decorate them with musk sticks, musk Lifesavers everything PINK...
So I wanted to make one for you...
I love musk sticks...And if you do too, this will be a big pink heavenly treat for you...

Aussie Birthday Cake

1 box white cake mix
1 can unflavored frosting
1 bottle Aussie Musk Flavoring
1 Bag Musk Sticks (I love Flynn brand)
1 Stick Musk Life Savers
Pink Food Coloring
1 Box Colored Ice Cream Cones
Pink whipped cream

Prepare the cake mix with oil, eggs and 4-5 drops pink food color and a 4 drops musk flavor. Bake according to directions, in 2 square pans...Cool completely

Mix 2 drops Musk flavoring and 3 drops pink food coloring into the unflavored frosting.

Level the cakes and fill with pink whipped cream, top with other half and then frost completely with musk frosting, smooth and decorate with Castle Cones, Musk Sticks and Life Savers

Musk Live Savers

This post is dedicated to my two Aussie Pals on Paltalk Kitty & Joy. You inspired this and I learn so much from you 2 EVERY DAY.