Friday, July 01, 2016

Peeves #3 Things That TV Chefs DO

Peeves #3 Things That TV Chefs Do


What really pisses me off is when I see people on Tv cutting up tomatoes for use is recipes and leaving both the core and/or the white or beige fibers in the tomatoes. 
Look no one wants to eat the hard core or get those fibers in their teeth. remove them with tweezers ir cut them out.

 Who wants to eat those hard white cores?
See those lil fibrous branches  I tweezed out?, Gross! Choke-a-licious.


Why must Tv chefs put huge amounts of food into tiny bowls only to hafta ever so gingerly stir the ingredients together to prevent the ingredients from spilling out and making a mess, why not just use a big bowl and a better camera angle?

Mise En Place

Christina Pireillo Im calling YOU out personally.
Why cant you just measure the correct amount of spices into little prep bowls and dump it in, instead of  the stupid way you do it?
You waste time, and spices.
Which one of your helpers has to make perfect rectangles of spices on that dumb long plate, so you can sweep a tiny bit into the bowl, leaving the rest to get tossed out?
Plus Im tired of  other TV Chefs not having anything prechopped and ready, no one wants to watch you chop for hours. You can fit in 5 recipes in a 30 mins show if you prechopped and premeasured.

Salt and Pepper Pigs

Too much on some areas, none on others

Sorry I just dont buy that using your fingers to season your food with salt and pepper, is someohow better than a salt shaker or a pepper grinder...Check out Emeril Lagasse's steaks where he has the pepper clumped on on part of the steak and none on the other part. Its just silly

Salt Over The Shoulder BULLSHIT!

Salt was MONEY in the past!
In the past, in order to preserve meats and vegetables for the long winters, you needed LOTS off salt.
So it was used as money. it was precious.
Therefore if you spilled some on the floor (which was usually dirt) it was bad luck, so you were told to pick up some of the SPILLED SALT and throw it over your shoulder for good luck to BLIND THE DEVIL WHO WAS SNEAKING UP ON YOU.
 Rachael Ray? Im talking to you here. 
You do not throw salt over your shoulder EACH and EVERYTIME you use it for "luck"
What you are doing is bad luck and is wasting salt, money and a precious resource.
Stop it!

Spooning Things

Stop the spooning and shovelling!