Friday, July 15, 2016

Kitchen Equipment #12 Revel Tortilla Maker

Makes Tortillas, Rotis, Even Matzo
Kitchen Equipment #12 Revel Tortilla Maker

Why buy tortillas and only use a few, buy a maker and masa and make as many or as little as you want!

I kept seeing these machines up on the shelves at Indian Grocers, so I bought a cheap one on Amazon, and sent it back cause it was crap. The Tortillas were HOLEY
The Tortillas that the cheap BRENTWOOD brand maker made

 I decided to buy the one on the shelf at the Indian Grocers The Revel CTM-680

This is a corn tortilla it made

 These are yellow and blue corn tortillas the Revel made
and the Masas I used

These are the Roti (bottom) and Matzos (top) it made

Im sure you can make cheesy fresh quesadillas 

Revel Tortilla Makers
Minsa Blue Corn Masa
Matzo Recipe (I didnt use the oil)