Saturday, October 29, 2016

Foraging #10 Ginkgo Nut

Beautiful plump soft yellow Ginkgo Fruits laying amongst their leaves

Foraging #10  Ginkgo Nut

The Ginkgo Tree bears fruit in Autumn that STINK. And although they are not edible, the hard white nuts inside ARE. They are hard to crack though, but once you crack in, you are presented with either brilliant green or Beige nuts that Asian Cooks treasure.

The Green or Beige nuts are nutritious and delicious, and help with memory support. BUT not everyone can eat them.

Please read this page to see if you can eat them.

To use, gather as many fruits as you want, choose plump fresh looking fruits.
Use gloves to forage, due to the odor of the fruits and the fact that the juice can irritate some peoples skin.

Once home, use gloves again to squish the nuts out of the fruits, and discard the pulp.
As shown below

Rub the residual pulp off the nuts in a damp towel

Below are the cleaned nuts

Below the nuts fully dried and turned white

Below, wrap the nuts in foil and bake in the oven, till they start turning brown (I used my toaster oven)

Then tap on them with the back of a spoon, still wrapped in foil until they crack open and gently pull out the nut, then remove the brown skin

Thread them on a skewer and add to soup (or find another recipe.
Eat and enjoy.

Caution: Please do not FORAGE and eat anything that you have not verified as edible first by a certified plant expert. I am not responsible for YOUR stupidity.