Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hagelslag And Fairy Bread

Australian Fairy Bread

What was in the big box from Holland the other day (above) These are a selection of Dutch Hagelslag, or in English, HAIL. In Holland they eat buttered bread with these Chocolate Jimmies, or sugar coated Anise seeds, or Shaved Chocolate curls, Or the fabulous Speculoos cookie Hagelslag!

 Above, Hagelslag on bread

1/ Blue Anise Seed & Pink Anise Seed
2/ White Anise flavored Crunchies & Speculoos 
3/ Dark & Milk Chocolate Jimmies
4/ Two Color & Pure White Chocolate Curls 
5/ Dark & Milk Chocolate Curls 
6/ Crunchy Fruit Flavor Hagel & Xmas Holiday Jimmies

This is a plate of assorted colors of Fairy Bread which is served at childrens parties. Its just buttered bread topped with crunchy sugar jimmies, They call those "Hundreds and Thousands" in Australia. You can also use any style candy jimmies, like the one on the middle top is banana chocolate flavored Ice Cream topping or crushed Oreos (upper left)

An assortment of suitable Fairy Bread Toppings

Can you see the little edible glitter hearts and stars?