Sunday, October 07, 2012

Authentic Cherry Phosphates

In the old days when a family would make their once a month shopping trip to the big city, the kids would go to the drug store soda fountain for Coca Cola or Cherry Phosphates.
Back then citrus was expensive and rare so they used a buffered Phosphoric Acid solution to add sourness to their beverages.
Acid Phosphate fell out of favor as a souring agent.
BUT a Chemist in Canada, Darcy O'Neil, recrafted the Acid Phosphate solution for 2012
So we can make those OLD Fashioned beverages once again...
And it is delicious!
Acid Phosphate is for those times when you just want a PURE sour flavor and no lemon, lime or orange after flavoring.
Plus it makes your tongue tingle...

I used Maraschino Cherry Syrup, Acid Phosphate, and Seltzer

But you can craft your own anyway you like

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