Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Day Chocolate Box

2 Bars Godiva Vanilla Bean White
1 Bar Dark Chocolate
Royal Icing
Assorted Chocolates for the inside

Warm up a non stick frying pan then remove it from the heat
Break off both end pieces of one of the Godiva bars being careful to keep the squares together.
Turn the middle piece square side down on a plate.
Open the other Godiva bar and again break the ends off and the break the middle piece down the center lengthwise.

Melt the long sides in the pan and join it with the corresponding sides on the piece you put on the plate make sure the flat sides are on the out side.

Sides and bottom shown here


Fridgerate it till solid,

Cut a top out of the dark bar and decorate with icing and deco pieces.

Fill with asst chocolates or homemade chocolate ganache truffles.

Give to your sweety