Sunday, July 22, 2012

French Toast "Polenta" With Apple Sausage Compote

French Toast "Polenta" with apple sausage compote

3 cups water
1 cup milk
1 t salt
1 cup cream o wheat
1/3rd cup natural maple syrup
glob butter
4 Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese triangles

bring the water, milk and salt to a boil in a pot, slowly add the cream of wheat with a whisk, add maple syrup, whisk till its very thick. Add butter and cheese. Stir till melted, Keep Warm

Maple sausage chopped up
Apple Pie Filling

Put a little butter and oil in a frying pan and fry the sausage in it till cooked, then pour in the pie filling and sizzle till hot, 

Pour some polenta in a bowl, top with the compote, sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy.