Thursday, September 08, 2016

"What Is Aleppo?"

 Aleppo Chili Peppers I bought 6 yrs ago and havent used yet
"What Is Aleppo?"

Recently people are asking "What is Aleppo?"
Due to Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson not knowing what Aleppo is...

Being a Political Junkie and Activist, Ive known what Aleppo was for years.
It is a city in Syria, 
Its also a unique chili pepper grown only in the Aleppo region. I bought mine before the war hit Aleppo, and now NO ONE in the world can get any...

Aleppo is now a place that is undergoing HORRIFIC war and strife leading children to be scared in their own  home.

They cannot go to school, be happy and carefree.
The bombs rain down constantly, hitting and deliberately terrorizing civilians wherever they are.

This is Aleppo, after a bomb deliberately hit his house and killed his brother

I feel guilty owning my Aleppo pepper.

I wonder if theres some Syrian refuge in some camp somewhere who grabbed a few trinkets from their middle class Syrian homes (most were college grads with good jobs before the war) and fled to Europe only to have to be extorted for at least $10,000.00 each at each leg in the journey. $2000.00 to get on the boat to Lesbos, $2000.00 to get on another boat from Lesbos to the main land and on and on.
It takes 2 years for NON Syrian refugees to get to the USA. It takes MORE for Syrians.

I have a medium jar of Aleppo peppers, I wonder if anyone in Aleppo saved seeds and tucked them in with their trinkets to bring to Europe or USA, Ill bet theyd give anything for a few grains to get a tastes of home and daydream of happy times.

What the pic above didnt show was his sister

Their parents want the best for them as YOU want for your family.

Stats on Refugees

Stats show that EVERYTIME refugees come to a city they create businesses, attend college, get good jobs and bring a city back to life by IMPROVING IT!
No Muslim refugees have committed any acts of terror against the USA.
Most Refugees GIVE BACK in abundance.

Immigrants create jobs and enliven old businesses.

Lets take for example Mrs T's Pierogies!
Mrs. T's Pierogies is a business in Pennsylvania.
Its been around for eons since I was a little girl.
It used to sell 2 or 3 flavors Potato and onion, cheese and potato and another one I dont recall.
Mexican immigrants came into the Shenenndoah, Pa area seeking jobs and suggested adding Jalapenoes and other Mexican flavors... Soon Italians and Greeks requested Italian and Greek varieties and suddenly the business was booming again and the factory had to get bigger and more people had jobs.
and now you can buy Jalapeno and Cheddar, Mozarella/Basil and Feta and Spinach varieties.
And a Polish delight is now gone international.

So let the Syrian Refugees come. maybe one has smuggled in some Aleppo pepper seeds and will sow them in the Detroit soil and we will soon have another business pop up and Mrs Ts might have Aleppo Pepper Pierogies.

Welcome Them!
Kindness goes a long way.
Put yourself in THEIR shoes. 

To help Syrian refugees