Friday, September 09, 2016

Philly Tacos

Philly Tacos

---The Meats--
Chopped Taylor Pork Roll
Chopped Scrapple
Chopped SteakUms
A Chopped Onion

Bag of Amoroso Kaiser Rolls
Cheddar Cheese

This topping might be weird to people outside of Philly, but to Philadelphians, people will "get it"
most people eat cheesesteaks with the ketchup and peppers, and a lot of people eat scrapple with grape jelly in the morning.

 Equal Parts
Grape Jelly

Fry the onion and meats in a pan till all crispy and seared

Slice the Kaiser Rolls into discs

Press and mold the discs into Taco Shells in an electric tortilla maker

Put it all together, cheese, meats and topping, and eat while watching the Iggles or Rocky!

This recipe is inspired by a twitter exchange I had with Philly Mayor Jim Kenney!